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Is your Deck-O-Seal in need of repair?

Swimming pools are meant to move slightly with settling and earth movement to prevent cracking the pool builders install a rubber-like mastic commonly referred to as Deck-O-Seal.  This expansion joint is never meant to have water seep beneath it. 

When your deck-o-seal is cracked or missing, it allows rain water to get underneath your pool decking and pool coping.  Over time this water, which never dries out, undermines the intergrity of the coping to the bondbeam of the pool.  Before you know it, the coping will become loose and eventually your pool tiles will start falling off.  In addition, your pool decking can raise or lower and even crack. 

Left untreated, missing and cracked Deck-O-Seal can cost you thousands and thousands of dollars.

We are currently running a special of $50 off any full Deck-O-Seal installation through September.  Please contact us at 817-275-5188 to get a quote.